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Continuous monitoring of your cloud security posture across the cloud provider, container orchestration, and workloads.

What we do...

Context is key
Most cloud security posture tools and services fall short of expectations because it impossible to understand context without talking to humans. We work with you to understand key aspects of your environment, design decisions, and other requirements that together establish a baseline security posture.
Deep resource coverage
Our collection approach goes far beyond just the surface-level issues that apply to the core cloud services. We go deeper than just basic configuration settings collected by most CSPM tools. We evaluated related resources and give deeper insight into the often-overlooked combinations that attackers count on to be successful.
Leverage automation
Automating reports is not enough for a truly continuous security posture monitoring program. That's why we work hard to get context and coverage right first, then we leverage automation to ensure your security posture baseline remains consistent or improves over time.
Access to experts
Every environment is different. When you have specific questions about how a particular security issue affects your environment, you'll have direct access via private Slack channel to our team of experts.
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“The Darkbit assessment was both valuable an actionable. We will use the report to fix what needs to be fixed and create validation tools that will ensure continuous security and compliance.”

You might be thinking...

Am I going to get flooded with alerts and findings?
Alert fatigue is a very real problem with today's security solutions. We want to save you time, not create more work for your team. This is why it's important understand the current baseline of your environment. We filter all findings through the unique context of your environment before forwarding alerts to your team.
How does this save my team time?
Building the infrastructure, tools, and processes to support comprehensive cloud security posture management and monitoring is a time consuming and expensive undertaking. Your team can leverage our tools, platforms, and expertise and focus on what really matters to your business instead of getting buried in the weeds of tedious security auditing.
How does this save my company money?
Depending on the size of your cloud environment (number of accounts, organizations, clusters, etc.) the cost will range from $2,500 - $5,000 USD/month. This is typically a fraction of the cost of the salaries and overhead for dedicated security staff necessary to handle a similar undertaking.
How is this better than running a CSPM SaaS solution?
We've used most of the commercial (and open-source) CSPM solutions out there. Unfortunately, most of them suffer from two main problems: lack of context and poor coverage. To solve this, we do two things differently. First, we actually work with you, human-to-human, to understand the unique context of your environment. Establishing your security posture baseline is a collaborative process. Next, we purpose-built our own platform from scratch because even the cloud providers themselves don't provide enough asset details to perform effective analysis. Combining these two aspects gives you a much higher quality outcome, something that no standalone tool or SaaS service can provide.

Why work with us?

Your primary business probably isn't cloud security, but ours is. Working with us lets you focus on what you do best. We only do one thing - cloud security - and we take a lot of pride in doing it well.

We're experts
Helping clients improve their cloud security posture is all we do. That focus allows us to spend considerable time and energy researching modern threats to cloud-first companies so you don't have to.
We do the tedious work
Many companies are building and developing at a fast pace. Digging into security issues across a sprawling cloud infrastructure can be time consuming and tedious, especially if you don't have the right tools and processes close at hand.
We've seen it before
We've seen a lot of different environments. We've seen what works and what doesn't at many different scales. While we don't specifically endorse 3rd party products or vendors, we can usually tell you what other clients have been successful with and where they've run into problems.

Continuous doesn't mean repetitive

Lots of CSPM tools claim to automate security monitoring. Repeatedly sending the same stale report to your inbox every day is not our idea of conituous security monitoring. We spend the time to establish an accurate baseline of your cloud environment so the findinds we surface have the right context and are actually relevant.

“Knowing the Darkbit team is keeping an eye on our security posture lets me focus on building out the best infrastructure as we scale.”

Andy B. Security Lead at MSP
OpenCSPM Dashboard

Access to experts

Direct business-hours access to our team of cloud security experts over a private, dedicated Slack channel.

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The results

At Darkbit, we're all about outcomes. The outcomes of partnering with Darkbit to help you continuously manage your cloud security posture are clear.

Level up quickly

Our experts prioritize the issues that are the most relevant for your specific environment.

Free up resources

We're an extension of your security team, monitoring your cloud security posture so you don't have to.

Avoid alert fatigue

With high signal and low noise, we'll surface the most important risks to your environment

Access to exports

All clients have direct access to our team of cloud security experts over a private, dedicated Slack channel.

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