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Not sure where to start with cloud security? We help companies improve their cloud security posture and compliance no matter what stage they're at.

Our guiding philosophy

Full stack coverage

We go far beyond the basic checks on just the core cloud services. Our approach leverages data from the cloud provider, the container orchestration system, and the workloads themselves to build a comprehensive understanding of posture and risk across multiple layers in your environment and avoid blind spots.

Attacker's mindset

Focus on realistic risks. We leverage our years of penetration-testing experience and thinking like attackers to surface meaningful issues. We help you uncover vulnerable configurations that have been exploited in actual data breach and cloud attacks in the real-world. We help you focus on the risks that actually matter to your business.

Managed Cloud Security Posture

Darkbit Managed Cloud Security Posture gives you real-time insight into your cloud security posture. We start with a baseline to understand your current cloud security posture. Then we continuously monitor your environment for important security changes. You will:

  • Quickly level up your cloud security posture

  • Save time by reducing manual and tedious audit tasks

  • Get relevant and actionable security guidance

  • Get direct access to cloud security experts via Slack

We’ll deploy a private instance of OpenCSPM dedicated to your cloud environment. We then work with you to establish a security posture baseline and implement intelligent filters to reduce false positives. Then we monitor your security posture on a continuous basis, and notify you if your security posture worsens. As we continue to work together, we'll provide reports that clearly illustrate the security posture trends of your cloud environment over time.

Choose Managed Cloud Security to:

  • Get continuous cloud security monitoring, done for you.
  • Save your team from tedious audit tasks.
  • Get quick access to accurate cloud security posture reports.

Real-time insight on your schedule.

Comprehensive Cloud Security Assessment

The Comprehensive Cloud Security Assessment will give you insight into your cloud security posture that isn't available any other way. We go far beyond what any open-source or commercial security scanning tools can provide. You'll get:

  • Clear guidance on what to focus on first

  • Advice on what you can safely ignore

  • Industry standard best-practice conformance

  • Deep security posture assessment across the cloud provider, orchestration layer, and workloads

You’ll receive a comprehensive customized report with specific guidance for the technical teams as well as management. We'll give you 3-6 longer term strategic cloud security initiatives to start planning for. We will also give you 3-6 tactical objectives to consider for medium-term risk reduction. You and your team will use our powerful dynamic report viewer to sort, filter, and triage the tactical findings by category, severity, and remediation effort.

Choose Comprehensive Assessment to:

  • Find the most important aspects of your cloud infrastructure to secure first.
  • Find out where to get the highest return on remediation.
  • Get a security roadmap for the next 3/6/9 months.

Report delivered in 2-3 weeks.

Still not sure where to start?

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